Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay


Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is located in the beautiful and inspirational Talamanca Bay near Old Town on the island of Ibiza, Spain, also known as the White Island.

Like nowhere else in Ibiza, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay presents a residential feel of an all-encompassing experience with 152 guest rooms curated for the most carefree visit contributing to a personable and memorable stay beyond one’s imagination.

Here tastemakers & influencers, families & friends, will come together and celebrate the most arousing and spontaneous atmosphere of the hotel’s core DNA, the unpretentious yet celebrity like iconic Nobu restaurant, now in the shape of a five star resort with rich Ibiza flavour.

Guests can truly enjoy a first class five star experience in a heartfelt and tasteful setting, right on the beach far enough but yet close to all the classics of this beautiful and high energy island.

Enhance Your Experience

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

The hotel is seasonal from April to October. Ibiza has a very short but intense season so it is important to book early in order to guarantee a room of your preference, or even a room at all. When you go, do a day trip and explore the island of Formentera.