One Hot Meal from The Zetter Group

One Hot Meal from The Zetter Group

Dear friends,

Hello to you all from home. We do hope that you all remain safe and well.

As you know, the current crisis forced us to close our doors for now and the immediate future. There is no doubt that that this is an incredibly difficult time for us all.  Hospitality has been hit particularly hard. We have spent most of the last month working out how we can navigate this storm and support our incredible people.

How We are Helping

While our hotels are closed and the majority of our team are at home, we have kept in touch.  There was one thing we all kept coming back to. Taking care of people is what we do and its what we are passionate about.  So how can we still do that? This is how ONE HOT MEAL came about.

We have teamed up with Clerkenwell Mutual Aid (and their army of amazing local volunteers) to deliver at least one hot, nutritious meal to those most vulnerable in our original neighbourhood, EC1 and its borders.  This includes the elderly, those on low or no income, the disabled and people with other pre-existing health issues. Everyone involved has given their time free of charge and we are making the most of our professional kitchen, generous suppliers of excellent fresh produce and our supremely talented (and kindhearted) Head Chef, Rasheed.

We made our first delivery of 60 freshly cooked meals last week.  The heartfelt feedback and genuine appreciation has been the absolute highlight of the last few months. We are all hoping we can not only deliver these meals every week, but increase the number and frequency of meals we produce. To do this, we need to ask for your support to help cover the costs of the excellent fresh produce used. Already some of our amazing suppliers are generously supporting our efforts.

How You Can Help

Just £3 can ensure that someone in need receives a hot, nutritious meal. Any support will be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

You can follow One Hot Meal campaign and activity on our social channels from this week. Follow The Zetter Hotel or The Zetter Townhouse.

Michael, Mark & The Zetter team

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