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In order for us to provide the attention to detail and the high level of service which branded Hotel Labs, we understand that each hotel has different needs, goals and budgets.

Our collection offers a wide range of authentic properties indicative of their locations and our goal is to help promote them to an audience matched with the most potential.

While many hotel representation firms are mere reps, Hotel Labs is also your strategic advisor so we go beyond and work side by side with you to create an integrated approach to all your sales needs in the US leisure market from positioning to distribution.

More now than ever, we understand the fluctuating landscape which requires solid relationships and long-lasting partnerships in order to drive the outcome.

What we do best

Personable, Reliable & Hands On

  • We are your extended arm of your own sales force
  • We look after the entire US leisure market and have dual offices in New York & Miami
  • We understand that each hotel has different needs, goals and budgets
  • We provide a tailored plan for all your needs from positioning to distribution within the luxury leisure sector
  • We are your strategic advisor and make sure to introduce you to the right partnerships for success
  • We understand the fluctuating landscape and we continuously watch and adapt our strategy
How we do it

Tell the world

  • Weekly in-person sales calls and office visits to our travel partners
  • Scheduled webinars and educational training sessions
  • Selective Client Fam Trips
  • Intimate Sales Blitzes and Roadshows
  • Direct Digital Marketing Campaigns in the form of Newsletters, Special Promotions, and Social Media Outreach
  • Access to our entire Travel Network 
  • Special Activations for Consortia & Agency Program Initiatives
  • Participation in leading Industry Tradeshows and more
Services we offer

Bringing the expertise

  • Consulting
  • Sales & Marketing Representation 
  • Project Management 
  • Marketing Assessment 
  • Relaunch and Opening Strategies
To imagine your future

Take a look at some of our works

Golden Rock Inn


Golden Rock Inn

This 11-room jewel on the island of Nevis, owned by New York artist Helen and her late husband Brice Marden, is everything but a traditional hotel and we were brought onboard to help oversee all the sales and marketing initiatives for the property. From implementing its PMS and POS systems, to getting the hotel distributed across all booking channels to assist in creating its website, this has become a love project over the many years we have worked together. Today, Golden Rock Inn is the number one hotel on TripAdvisor on Nevis and is extremely popular with the who-is-who and those in-the-know. Client since 2011.

Nobu Hotels


Nobu Hotels

After assisting with the opening of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, Nobu Hotel Marbella, Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, Nobu Ryokan Malibu, and Nobu Ryokan Palo Alto, Hotel Labs was eventually retained to oversee all of the Nobu Hotels to help establish the rapidly growing brand but also in order to obtain the correct positioning for each hotel within all the major leisure consortiums. Hotel Labs served as the “catch it all” for the brand and also as an assigned special task force for the hotels within the brand that needed special attention or extra push, hence, Hotel Labs quickly became a vital part of the core team and its success.

Experimental Group


Experimental Group

Our role has since the beginning been to introduce this young and vibrant small brand of European hotels in the US and create a buzz about each and one of their personalities both individually and collectively. By showcasing their commitment to exceptional food and beverage programming as well as their innovative approach to design, we quickly figured out the best audience for the group and we were able to match them with the right movers and shakers in the US travel industry. In some instances, for example to the lesser visited destinations from the US, we also understood that the process sometimes is twofold and we first need to sell the destination just as much as the hotel. We started out with the one flagship hotel in Paris, and today we are looking after all 11 hotels throughout Europe and it has been one of the most fun and rewarding projects since 2017.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

Bath, England

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

Our challenge was to reintroduce the hotel to the luxury leisure market in the US after an 11 million GBP renovation back in 2013-2014 at which point this landmark hotel was perceived as a dated property not living up to its grand reputation. With lots of hard work and dedication from the team of the hotel, we quickly managed to re-establish both old and new partnerships for the hotel including Virtuoso, American Express FHR, Signature Travel Network, Serandipians, Celebrated and more. Till the present time, we have year over year helped drive the volume of travelers from the US market making this great hotel one of the most sought-after hotels in Great Britain once again with all its accolades for support. Client since 2014.
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